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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 14, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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(becky) he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. (vo) try beneful originals with beef. with real beef as the number one ingredient. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> right now on "action news," tracking a blizzard. mobile6 out there making its way along the roads of king of prussia. we see that we've got a little bit of snow out there starting to accumulate and in some areas we're also seeing rain.
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>> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed, so are hundreds of others. closings are scrolling right now at the bottom of your screen and also on >> our team of reporters are out all over the region and from the lehigh valley over to new jersey to give you a look at the changing conditions. >> googood morning everyone its 5 o'clock on this tuesday, march 14th. we'll check in with those reporters in just a moment. >> first up, let's get going with dave murphy and karen rogers. they are covering all angles of the storm and matt pelman of course is watching the roads. good morning. >> and as we move into another half hour, i want to he remind those officethose of you just tn there's that blizzard warning in the counties highlighted in orange from the poconos down to bucks montgomery county mercer county and chester county. it's these areas where you're going to get the heaviest snow out of this storm and where the visibilities could be very poor and karen just a moment ago talked about how those are already an issue in the north. there's also a winter storm warning in lancaster county and then in through the i-95 corridor. maybe not quite as blinding snow but still piling the snow
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up to the tune of perhaps eight to 10-inches and then down south it will be a little bit less. so, as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, here's what's happening right now. we have seen a lot of rain through south jersey and delaware. even if there was some earlier snow it's mainly washed a way right now. we'll see if we get a little bit more late on. then we've got that sleet mixing in parts of chester county and up the i-95 corridor and right now what's falling here at the station is very fine stuff. the farther you move into the northern and western suburbs we have some heavy banding snow highlighted in that shade of lavender and this is where you're getting that two to 4-inch an hour accumulation. i mean, it's really just dropping in a hurry and we do have some early snowfall reports where we're already up to about 9-inches in parts of berks county, others about 7-inches so it's definitely piling up out there. the wide view shows you how this is going to progress. were he have that snow coming in or the rain i should say coming in off the ocean because the area of low pressure is down to our south
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on the flow in off the water is bringing in that milder air off the water and pushing that rain up close to philadelphia. so, that's what we've got for now. but as that low gets a little bit closer to us we'll get a little bit more cold air coming down out of the backside and that snow should of a tendency later in the morning to push down closer to the i-95 corridor. we're kind of on the bubble in philadelphia as to whether or not we get a foot or snow of maybe we get less than that but that is an area that we're watching in the northern and western suburbs definitely having a problem. outside we go to karen. karen what's up out there? >> we're seeing more and more sleet mixing in with the snow out here right now and as we've been out i've been measuring here on the terrace and we have little over 3-inches of snow right now as you can see a bit of snow and sleet kind of piling in so a good 3-inches right now and the temperature is really key with what we're getting through the region. 45 in cape may, you're getting rain right there, 37 in millville, that's why it's turned to rain. 33 right now in philadelphia so a bit more sleet mixing in with the slow on the in the lehigh valley it's a cold 27,
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19 degrees right now in mount pocono. how about the wind gusts? 30 miles an hour wind gusts in philadelphia but they've really picked up now throughout the region. 36 miles an hour wind gusts in wilmington, 29 in beach haven, 28 in trenton, 24 in reading, so the winds are a real issue. we could gust up to 50 miles an hour through the i-95 corridor later today. so, in the lehigh valley and northwest suburbs this is the worst of the snow. the heavy snow. one to 2 feet. taking it region by region. philadelphia and i-95 we're watching this closely because it all depends on how much sleet we get mixing in. more sleet will cut down our numbers but we still expect a good eight to 12-inches of snow possible. central delaware, southeastern new jersey, some snow. we're seeing that change to rain right now. let's look at this by the impact scale. the worst of the time we saw it at 4 o'clock 7 o'clock 10 o'clock, that's the high imof packet, the height of the storm up until about noon. by 1 o'clock starting to pull out of here, just a couple of snow showers. by 4 o'clock it's much better travel. so, any time up to plan to, that is the worst time to
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travel during this storm. we'll keep tracking its every move because it really depends on that rain sleet line and how it budges matt and tam so we'll be back with an update and david will have totals in a minute. >> thanks karen. we have matt pelman here for you. good morning matt. >> lots of people that normally would of to work on a snow day that don't have to work today. we're expecting a lot of snow so it's one of those days when a lot of people have the day off. we've seen a bunch of accidents one on the roosevelt boulevard extension under broad street in the northbound lanes. if there's something good about the accidents on a morning like this is that they clear out pretty quickly because they're usually really minor. that's what happened here. they've gone from the northbound lanes. everything is reopened but it's slippery r the vine street expressway in center city as you can see close to the schuylkill expressway, a lot of slush on these roadways but at least here we can see the lanes indicating the road has been treated pretty well but it is still slippery. 95 here in the great northeast sort of a lane deficit here.
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you can see the snow in that left lane but it looks like the two right lanes on the southbound side at academy road are passable. if you have to come toly a sudden stop though on any of these roads you're going to have a hard time because even though you can see some of the blacktop it is very slippery. west conshohocken, this is the blue route over top the schuylkill expressway. yeah, actual some snow piled up here in the northbound lanes over top of 76 as you head up toward plymouth meeting. again very slippery on all these highways. it is not a morning to go for a joyride. tam. >> no, it is not. let's go over to annie mccormick who had no? it ride getting up to the lehigh county. she's there in south whitehall township. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. it took us about 45 minutes longer than it normally would heading up here to allentown. this is tillman street behind me you can see there's not many tracks there as a snowplow just went through with the plow up. it looked like it was somebody that was about to clear a drive way or a parking lot around this area but i want to give you a look here h-the "action news" snow roller,
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there's about four to 5-inches, four and a half inches right here is what we're getting off of the surface but you can see the snow, how much we're getting here and you can see actually just in my live shot how much it's hitting my face. that wind is blowing. it feels like sleet, feels like isothat's kind of what we're getting out around this area. there's not really many places where we're seeing that people have been driving on, which is a good thing because like we said they're trying to keep people off of areas like the pennsylvania turnpike so that the plow trains can really get in there, move that snow along and make it safe for people to go. there's also a number of speed restrictions all over the place. so, this is the conditions that you're seeing up here. we'll be live again in the next half hour to give you an idea of how much more snow is falling in this area. and right now if it's going to stay in the sleeting conditions or back to the powdery snow that we see on the ground for right now. live in south whitehall township annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you.
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>> let's go live on mobile6 just on the frontal boundary at the 309 exit so we're probably in the fort washington area. again, this is the turnpike and it is pretty much snow covered. those plows go through again and again and they gist can't keep up. again, this is the height of the storm right now going through the rest of the morning hours. it is not safe to be on the roads. mobile6 is taking it easy. the snow always makes for a slippery commute on the hills of manayunk in philadelphia. the action cam was along green lane overnight. you can see the roads were already covered. you can also see the street sign if you don't believe us. we found this resident already busy clearing off his car, a dreaded job for many of us in the near future. in fact, we'll be doing it in the parking lot here at "action news." jeff chirico joins us live in the west mount airy section of philadelphia. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. we're continuing to see a mix here, some sleet, some snow but largely sleet at this point. we've already had a couple of inches of snow overnight but at this point over the past hour, that snow accumulation
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seems to be limited right now. let's take a look over here at germantown avenue. you can see the plows have been able to get an upper hand on this. it seems a little slushy but other than that, things are looking pretty good right now. the fact that people are sleeping in tonight without school or work, i think that's giving those plow operators a bit of a reprieve right now. let's show you some video that we shot just a few aints ago. as you saw plows here hitting the secondary roads. there are some 400 pieces of equipment fanned out across the city. in fact we also saw a number of septa buses. we saw more septa buses up and down germantown avenue than we have plows this morning and of course some folks out here bright and early shoveling, shoveling the sidewalks of local businesses and they are hoping at least this guy is hoping for some big accumulation today. looking forward to the six to eight, 12-inches of snow. >> absolutely. a long -- a lot of snow means a long day of plowing and
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shoveling. means more money. >> reporter: back out here live you see here on germantown avenue and, cross the city meters are not being monitored right now. there are no are violation notices being handed out and the parking authority offering discounts to center city parking lots for those who need to get their -- their cars off the roads and of course get your cars off at snow emergency routes. that is the wane city. reporting live in west mount airy jeff chirico channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. here at 5:10 we are continuing to time out exactly when the snow and the rain will move through the region and finally move out. >> let's take a live look from sky6 in chester delaware county. trying to see that commodore barry bridge where only a few vehicles are making the trip across to the state of new jersey. we'll be right back with accuweather. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there, you can see the action cam jumping in atlantic city where they are dealing with not only cold rains but also some pretty high winds. no the a fun time if you got to step outside, if you got to walk the dog or do something else, bundle up and get back inside as fast as you can. >> dog is going in the basement or something today. [laughter] >> those winds are getting stronger at the shore. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we have seen snow in much of the overnight hours and continuing in the northern suburbs. if i go into that overhead view, you can see the heaviest snow out by reading lancaster
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county, chester county, highlighted in that deep shade of purple. that's where the snow is falling at a tune of about two to 4 inches per hour so you're really piling it up in those spots. closer to the i-95 corridor we've had a lot of light sleet and even some rain mixing in and that is for now anyway holding down those numbers and of course it's all rain through most of south jersey. taking a look outside we have sky6 and -- we don' that's th action cam live in mount -- west -- west mount airy is what that is and it doesn't look too bad right here right now. the snow still coming down but as i said it's kind of a fine granular substance across much of the philadelphia area currently. you have to go farther up north to get the heavy banding snow right now. your temperature in philadelphia has dipped to the freezing mark 32 trees. the winds out of the northeast at 24 miles per hour and we're getting some gusts into the 30's. future tracker6 between now and 7 o'clock shows you that we may well still be dealing with some of that mixing with some sleet in and around the i-95 corridor by 7 o'clock and
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then rain down south by 10 o'clock, it still looks like on the latest model run it's not cold enough to totally at ally turn over to snow and i've got a little bit of a concern that even though we've got a few inches on the ground right now in philadelphia, we may have trouble getting all the way up to that 12-inch line that we were talking about. it might wind up diminishing a little bit below that but we're still going to watch that over the next couple hours. no question though that up in the northern suburbs you're going to get dumped on pretty heavily. by noon the intensity of the snow is probably starting to die down and then it turns into lighter snow showers for the rest of the afternoon and it looks like we're drying out lighter at 10 o'clock. have some snow reports coming in. orfield in here lehigh county 9-inches, seven in west lawn, 4-inches in wynnewood. philadelphia fire station 73 over the last hour, hour and a half has got you to two and a half inches and there are other reports of about three. here are the pro if he can'td snow totals that we have been talking about. most of this is washing ay what. you probably see nothing on
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the ground. four to eight we'll see that rain line to drop back to the south to get that. it might be that we under shoot this and whether or not we get the eight to 12 in the i-95 corridor you're up to about 393 some spots or four in this band right now but again, the higher that rain comes in, the harder it's going to be to either get this much in total or keep it on the ground. it could be that the rain washes some of it away. up to the north though definitely looking at a foot or more in those northern suburbs and again the winds are an issue. you can see that the gusts are really going to pick up by 9 o'clock. that storm is going to be pretty close to the coast by about 12:00 it looks like the winds are turning down from the north again. they'll still be very strong and blustery this afternoon but that northerly turn in the winds will diminish the snowfall and make those heavy bands kind of quit after about lunchtime. 34 is today's high, heavy snow sleet and wind. tomorrow cold, 30 degrees and there is the chance of a lingering snow shower around and then thursday we've got sunny and brisk conditions. friday saint patrick's day still cold and there's the possibility of some more snow
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showers on friday night into saturday. careful out there right now. we've got a little bit of a lull in philadelphia with some sleet but we still have the possibility of some heavier bands coming back. >> we'll continue our coverage with a look at matt pelman and some traffic. hey, matt. >> just as we're expecting verily different accumulation amounts throughout the area we're seeing very different things on the roads right now. some roads are wet, some roads are very slushy. some roads are completely snow covered and you can kind of even see that in this shot of the roosevelt boulevard extension near olney right where it meets up with the boulevard at ninth street. northbound lanes are pretty much snow covered. southbound lanes look just slushy. it was northbound where we had an accident here a little bit ago but it cleared out pretty quickly so those and northbound lanes are reopened as you head up towards oxford circle. also had a crash here early this morning on the ramp from 422 eastbound to go south on 202. that crash is cleared out of the way and here on the main lanes of 422 in king of prussia, you can see the white. it is still mostly snow covered in that area. to delco we go.
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this is where the blue route 476 meets up with i-95. there goes one northbound traveler, one lonely traveler traveling northbound on the blue route up toward media swarthmore. there comes one southbound traveler headed toward 95. in general in these spots where there would be two or three lanes there's only one that's passable right now. not sure why you would be heading to the airport this morning but if you want to for some reason this is the platt bridge close to. >to i-95 and philadelphia international airport. you can see it's raining maybe freezing rain mixing in. the bridge is definitely slushy so you have to take it easy. oh, look, trash truck maybe out doing some plowing i would imagine here in that port richmond. this is aramingo avenue at ann street in the inbound and again, you can see in the neighborhoods and on those secondary streets the roads are still mostly covered with snow and that's what we can see here in that port richmond at aramingo anne. getting word of a new crash in mercer county where the snow and sleet is still coming down. this is 195 and eastbound past
5:19 am
cox's corner. crash is off to the side but still have to take it slow through there. slow speeds on the turnpike and 295. 35 miles per hour is the max on the new jersey turnpike and it looks like somebody's actually behaving there -- no, just jumped to 45. now they're speeding. matt and tam, back to you. >> slow down. thanks so much matt. some of us are seeing snow, sleet, rain. let's go to "action news" reporter katherine scott in runnemede camden county and see what she is seeing. kathere. >> reporter: matt, we've seen a little bit of everything this morning but really since about 3:30 what we've been seeing here is rain, pouring rain. it is very messy. the wind gusts have also picked up here. if you take a look at black horse pike here in runnemede you can see the road surface looks wet but it's mainly clear. we've seen plows come through here, quite a few of them earlier where there was this slushy mess there. that slushy mess is mainly gone. now, some of the side streets, some of those less traveled streets might be a different story so you do want to keep that in mind but again, since about 3:30 we've seen mainly
5:20 am
rain there. but before this, there was snow early on. a little bit of snow. then came the transition. there was a wintry mix and then around 3:30, the rain started and it just has been pouring and you can see that there are still plows. there's one right here. plows have been making the rounds this morning though right now there's not a whole lot to plow on the main streets. side streets still have slush especially on the sides. is the wind gusts have gotten really strong. the another thing to watch out for when you head out the door this morning. live in runnemede katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt and tam. >> thanks, katherine. center us pictures videos use the #6abc on social media or e-mail to join the action at >> ♪ horns on their helmets.
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>> ♪ >> 5:22. we're about to find out if mobile6 is equipped with e-z pass. here we go. >> that does make it easier. >> it is green. we're on the blue route -- they're on the blue route there, just got off the pennsylvania turnpike there at mid-county i believe and if you didn't do your homework last night, you win. lots of schools closed this morning. the roads are a mess. although right now seeing a lot of blacktop there because it might be getting a little bit of rain but other areas it is treacherous. >> but this is an event that's going to stretch through the morning, karen rogers has been warning us about that. you might think it's one thing right now and by 7, 8, 9 o'clock it's a whole new world. good morning to you and matt pelman. >> that's the real issue with this t it's a very changeable storm and that's what we're seeing right now. this is not good snowball weather here. no snowball fights with matt today because it's so granular we have a lot of sleet mixing in with the snow right now and that sleet is impacting our storm totals that we're going to get. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. we're seeing a lot of rain
5:24 am
push in. thatter a of low pressure hugging a little too close to the coast right now. it's rain not only in cape may and dover but even raining through gloucester and camden counties and sleet mixing in through the city of philadelphia, through the i-95 corridor. so, we're now readjusting some of these numbers because of that. that's the change that we're just seeing with this storm. more rain, more sleet. now, north and west you still have that snow. lancaster reading its snowing hard. allentown snowing hard. visibility is an issue. so it really depends on where you're traveling and look at those visibility issues. ? you have the a half mile right now if you're trying to travel in allentown reading and mount pocono with that snow. not as big of an issue in philadelphia its lighter and sleet is mixing in. heavy wet snow north and west. rain south and east and that rain is washing away the snow we already had. mixing along i-95. the heaviest lasts from now until lunchtime so matt pelman it's good and people are trying to stay off the roads. >> yeah, and if they're still asleep they can wake up in several hours -- >> wake up and watch us.
5:25 am
>> thanks so much for that, karen. good morning, everybody. we're live here in bellmawr, camden county, along 42 where it's the northbound travelers come up toward 295 you can see the spray coming up off the vehicles. we are definitely not snow covered here. the road is mostly wet but also some slush mix in, so it is still slippery and you do have to drop those speeds. moving just a bit to the north in cherry hill still very wet here along route 70 at haddonfield road. yeah, definitely not a great morning to be out and about. you can see you need the windshield wipers if you are going to be out and about. njt's river line on a sunday schedule today, patco also running on a special snow schedule. a a bunch of the njt buses and three of the septa buses aren't running at all. they're saying about 50 other routes are subject to detours and the delays so we're kind of just going to have to wait and see how the storm in the morning progresses on that, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. and in health check a warning before you head out to shovel as many peopleological po
5:26 am
today. as karen just showed you either way it can make shoveling or pushing a snowblower a bit more strenuous than working out on a treadmill so here's some tips for you. don't shovel first thing in the morning. give yourself a little time to adjust to being awake. don't drink coffee or smoke right before you head out. those things spike your loop anbloodpressure and heart rate. doctors suggest walking or marching in place before you head out to dig the snow t right now a snow emergency is in effect a for philadelphia. that means cars must be moved off of the snow emergency routes. crews are out ticketing and together cars at midnight and another reminder the streets department canceled trash and recycling collection for today. if today was your day, residents instead are being asked to hold it until next tuesday. and philadelphia police are using the popular show "game of thrones" to remind people not to save parking spots during or after the winter storm. go for it, john snow. they released this video called game of cones a
5:27 am
reference to the longstanding but illegal practice of saving a shoveled out parking space using cones chairs trash cans or whatever you can find. the department first launched it's no safesies campaign back in 2014. >> other news this morning and developing police in delaware are investigating a robbery where the attacker forced the victim into her own apartment at a christina mill apartment at 8:15 last night. new castle county police say it is similar to at least two other incidents where women were kidnapped and attempted kidnapping last week. in last night's incident the armed man forced the 24-year-old woman into her apartment, then stole jewelry before running away. the victim escaped any injury. the old atlantic club casino is getting new life. the new owner is going to turn it into a family water park. the property has been sitting empty since 2014. it was part of the first wave of casino closures to hit atlantic city. ventnor based r and r
5:28 am
development group announced it bought the site with the intention of investing $135 million to renovate the hotel and build the indoor water park. the company hopes to have 300 rooms opened by the small with the weather we're in right now it's hard to imagine going to the water park but it will be time for that really soon. 5:28. for much of us snow and rain has been falling for hours. >> sky6 taking a live look at route 202 in chalfont bucks county where no one's out there and a good thing because it's treacherous. see all that slushy crusty stuff on the roadways. it's like that in a lot of places. we'll be right back. >> ♪ (vo) love.
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and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. >> now on "action news," we are in the midst of a late winter storm that will bring blizzard-like conditions to parts of the tri-state area and coastal flooding along the shore. >> and that is why all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. a complete list of school closings are scrolling at the bottom of your screen all morning long. you can also see it online at >> we have a team of reporters standing by ready to cover the snow from the city to the suburbs to south jersey. >> goo
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